Weekly Treasures

typewriterJust a list of the little things I’ve loved this week. 

My new Olympia typewriter. She’s so pretty.

This playlist to make all your Stranger Things synthesizer dreams come true, by tumblr user sashayed.

Searching for “melancholy” on 8tracks and finding this beautiful mix. Sometimes I just need rainy day music, even when the weather is perfect.

8tracks in general has been a gift this week.

A long weekend, with plans, but lots of free time, too. I’ll be reading lots of books and knitting blankets.

Leftover wedding Prosecco.

A delightful Jane Eyre pin that I just couldn’t resist.

This yarn bowl. I can’t even describe the sound I made when I saw this cutie.


Book sale PSA: Barnes & Noble has a 40% off coupon. Go, buy books!



One thought on “Weekly Treasures

  1. Your typewriter is fab and I am pleased to report that I did take advantage of the B&N 40% off coupon. VIRTUOUSLY. I thought of getting myself the Hamilton cast recording on vinyl, which I badly want, but instead I very virtuously (and less expensively) bought my aunt her birthday present. I expect I shall have extra stars in my heavenly crown for this piece of frugality.


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